12 September 2008

It's Cleotastic again!

Following on from the Travel folding mini-book from Cleo Jarvis, I went on to her Nostalgia kit. And here is the finished article!! Loved it, as I do all Cleo's things, so I can't wait until 20/9/08 when I get to do THREE classes with her!!!


Lisa said...

how cute and great is that??? I MUST get around to finishing mine off - yours looks so good! Hey readers, Liberty got one of these great kits for me too - aren't I lucky? And the subject of sisterly memories is just so lovely! We had such fun looking at these photos together when she was over in Germany - I have the challenge of using the same photos so watch this space. I am SO looking forward to doing all three classes with Cleo next week - just fantastic!

stephanie garbett said...

hi Liberty

oh you are so funny i will see you Saturdays will you have your mobile on you just in case i get a little lost hugs xx

Anonymous said...

yes will have phone with me but you can't get lost, A4191 towards bromsgrove, just after Post office on right, village hall is on left :)