1 October 2008

I know, I know....!

I have been terrible at blogging I know, I'm sorry. The reason for this is partly deliberate. And I'll explain. Bellaboo.co.uk has been so busy over the last couple of months, and Lisa and I have been putting so much work into it all, that I started to feel quite overwhelmed with it over the summer. So I decided something had to give, and looked at areas to cut back on. One of these was the blog - I never want to post just for the sake of it anyway, but now I will probably only post once a month, or maybe more. So anyway, lots has been happening and I'll try and remember it all! First of all, Happy Birthday to me, and me!! Yes my own birthday came and went in a blur really (not because of alcohol), as I was so busy preparing for Bellaboo's First Birthday! I cannot begin to explain how well the birthday celebrations went. I sold the last couple of tickets the night before, so it was a full house. I was extremely touched by lots of things - I had birthday cards from Deb and Julie (thankyou :) ), beautifully handmade of course. Then lots of my ladies came in pink (official Bellaboo colour!), and the effort that had gone into the name plaques left me speechless. It was lovely to see everyone so excited, and "up for it" and eager to get on with the classes, so much so that I must admit I felt very overwhelmed and emotional. I had both my sisters there supporting me, my mum was helping (while she had a whole load of other stuff going on), my dad popped in, my in-laws came and helped, and even some friends at home helping with the kids. It was all very humbling in a way! Then other good friends popped in - special thanks for Lu, my friend from school, she dropped her handbag, made a tray of tea, did the washing up and then went home again - what a star!!! So, yes I must admit I had a few tears on the day - NOT that I'm any kind of emotional wreck or anything!!!

Cleo's classes were fantastic and didn't disappoint. She will be booked for next year, don't you worry!

Lisa has done a write-up of the Bellaboo Birthday Bash in this month's kit newsletter - available on the site - which is a great link for my next piece...!

The October Kit has come out today. You won't want to miss this one. It really is lovely, and while I was packing it up I did have to re-add everything up to make sure I hadn't made a mistake - it is BURSTING from the bag!!! Lots of texture, stunning colours, and unusual pieces add up to a warm autumnal kit, perfect for scrapping a variety of topics, such as home, garden, holiday, wedding, baby, oh and of course AUTUMN!!

Here are my projects, and a couple from Sarah and Lisa. All can be found on the gallery and in the newsletter.

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michele said...

fab lo's. congrats on your birthdays and your success, I hope your 2nd year is even more successful. hugs mx