13 February 2008

What's going on with this half-term?

How come it's wednesday and I still adore my children? Maybe it's the fantastic weather we are STILL having up/down here in Worcestershire? I'm not sure.... but I am positive that usually by the wednesday of a half-term they are DOING MY HEAD IN!!!!! Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

Did anyone get the fab little template thingy in Papercraft Inspirations today? At first I got really excited thinking it was a little acrylic album.. but no. I don't make cards really and I doubt very much I will use any of the templates except for the tag shape - which I think is ace and worth having the whole booklet for (plus the little book ring which I think I will probably remove and use elsewhere!)

Have done a LO tonight which I am really pleased with. I have a lovely fuzzy feeling tonight about my eldest, Cameron, who started school in September. He loves it and we are SO pleased with the school. Madeleine starts there this September. He has been so much happier since being at school (anyone who knows me or him will know that Cameron is a very... well, we describe it as "challenging" boy!!!). I have used some Amy Butler papers from way down in my OPS (own personal stash) which I didn't think I would use for this school photo, but, well, I love it! If you can't read them the quotes say " Couldn't ne happier", "Great minds think alike", " Some children are wiser than adults" (I tell you, some of the questions he poses me blow my mind!), "Right at home" and "live the life you have imagined" (well this week that would be astronaut!).


Lisa said...

love this - I would also never have thought to use this paper for a school layout but it's perfect. Great minds - I did a layout last night using scalloped cardstock!

Anonymous said...

no way! Lets see! And thats the stuff you bought me probably a year ago now!