12 February 2008

I'm Loving Half-Term!

I used to dread the holidays. When you're not in "the zone" (i.e. with older children at school) and you've got maybe one or two babies or toddlers, school holidays are naff. Your days are the same, yet the shops/supermarkets/swimming pools/play areas/car parks/zoos etc are RAMMED! So I used to just stay in the whole time. Now that I am one of those in "the zone", it's so much more fun! 1) you don't have to go through that whole TRAUMA of getting ready for school and out of the house by 8.30. 2) NO packed lunches! (i know it only takes 5 mins, but I can't relax in the evening until it's done!), 3) you can slob around in your PJs doing the housework etc without DH around (he never sees me with no make-up so this time is a real treat for me!!) 4) and last but not least, it is actually nice to spend time with your precious son/daughter who is usually at school!

We have had blissful weather so far this week. I spent yesterday afternoon at the playground at the end of my close, and today took the children to the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham as my mum lives close by. I know this sounds mad, but at one point I was a little worried I might get sunburn! We sat outside in our t-shirts while the kids rolled down the slope on the grass, and after a while I did actually worry about my arms burning!

They had a fantastic time and I took some lovely photos. Tonight they are having a "sleepover" in Maddie's room, sleeping in Snugglesacs on top of duvets on the floor. Bless them! What a fab day!

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Lisa said...

oo oo oo - need. that. photo.
glad to hear you're having fun - having a "half-term" of myself this week!
I have been having SO much fun working on the March kit... everyone is going to love it!