14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Here's a little card I made for Jon last night, using a Heidi Swapp playing card, and some Love Elsie Items, plus a HS Ghost heart and a few other bits and pieces. Its the King of Hearts on the back!

We are having a lazy morning, Cameron is still not dressed (11am!), but they are having a fab time making some LOs of their own! They have their own pizza box filled with all the freebies from magazines and free papers etc, gotta say some of Cameron's LOs are very good!



Lisa said...

too sweet!
Happy Valentine's Day too!
Does that mean I am a bad person - no home-made Valentine from me!
But I LOVE the idea of King of Hearts - so cool!

Sarah Youde said...

I love your card :o) Great idea using the King of Hearts.

My two little ones have a box of freebies too, they love playing 'craft day' with Mummy.