29 February 2008

My busy social life!

I am just sat here waiting to go out and realised I hadn't posted for ten days! Sorry! I haven't really been up to much. The day after I posted my LO saying how full of life Maddie is, she fell ill! Nothing serious, she was just sick on the playground!!! So last week I didn't get much scrapping done. I have done a little acrylic album which I am really pleased with, but since it's going to featured on the Scrapping Clearly website in their Designer of the Month feature, I ought to keep it to myself for a bit.....

I have been busy preparing for my first crop, and have put together a lovely page kit, featuring Urban Lily papers.

And tonight I am off out to a PTA Quiz Night! Is this what happens at my age and with children? Is this the kind of Big Night Out I get now??!!! I mean, I will have a great night - wine, nibbles and lots of good friends, but it's hardly a hard night on the tiles 'til 3am is it?!

If you think your social life is even more pants than mine, leave me a post telling me why, and why you deserve to win one of the page kits I have put together for the crop. Here's a sneak peek:
I will contact one lucky winner after the weekend!


Jen said...

Yes this is what happens when you have kids - my regular night out is going to Weight Watchers!!!

Lisa said...

well, it's well before midnight and my man has gone to sleep already. We were out playing cards with my MIL and partner. I love my Friday night cards. Don't get me wrong. But it's not quite the same as going out on the town in downtown Brum ( or "better" downtown Cambridge!!!!) dancing the night away!!! And I DON'T EVEN HAVE KIDS!!!!!

elisa said...

My idea of a big night out is staying up after 10 o clock!I am usually in my bed not long after my daughter.

Katy said...

well my social life is pants as i dont have one tee hee,my 2 best friends moved away last year and i have Agraphobia so its a no go for me :(

I would love the kit as it would cheer me up no end, oh and the fact i love stash, oh and just one other thing i like getting to stalk the postie lol.

Anyway ramble finished, i love your shop its wicked, keep up the great work.

Katy xx

Michelle said...

Adding myself to the sad list - I think my 40 min walk with a friend at 7pm constitutes a social life!!! With a DD with hormones and another with special needs and a cat who forgets that she has been fed, I run out every evening!!

How sad am I!!