3 March 2008

It's a draw!!!

Well done KATY! Yep you are quite right, your social life is pants, but hey, staying in is the new going out when you have a Bellaboo Page Kit to play with! Email me your address, the kit is packed up and ready to go!!!

Thanks to all of you who posted a comment! Lisa, you couldn't win, I already sent you a kit:) To everyone else who didn't win, any kits not sold at the crop will be available to buy March 14th. Check back for details on that day and it will be posted on the blog first to give you first refusal!


Lisa said...

yes, but you have to admit it - mine was pretty pants too! and I thought that those of you out there with kids might be relieved to know that you are not exactly missing out on the high life!
Well done Katy!

Katy said...

woooooow i won im dead happy :) im not sure how to email you im looking for a link :P im dancing around now lol.

Lots of love Katy xxxx

Katy said...

Just wanted to say i received my kit today its beautiful, thank you so much hun its made my day.

Big hugs Katy xxxxxx