10 February 2008

News and more

I actually started a new post a couple of nights ago, but there is something funny going on with my laptop, and basically I had typed the whole thing and then it deleted it all! Anyway, first and foremost, I am SO excited, the Bellaboo crop is born! I have booked a local village hall (it's so funny, I am there EVERY day for pre-school, and then most weekends for a party! and now evenings as well!) every 2nd thursday of the month, starting 13th March! (actually June might be a different thursday as I am on holiday I think, but so far 13/3, 10/4 and 8/5 are booked). The plan is to be there from 7ish until late (10.30ish). I am leaving it really flexible, in that people can bring their own stash and projects and just scrap in a social environment (instead of being banished to the dining room on your own!). I will bring page kits (specifically for the crop - extra charge), and all my other kits, plus a selection of stock for people to buy on the night - if you want - with a crop discount! I have bought a limited selection of basic tools - mats, knives, trimmers, glue etc. I also plan to bring a stack of magazines, maybe some sketches, and a book or 2 if you need inspiration. I will occasionally do a demonstration or project, and may have some larger tools (Bind-It-All for instance) for everyone to use. All levels welcome, and if you're a beginner, just bring some photos! I will be charging £3.50 to cover the cost of the hall and refreshments. If you place any orders in the days preceding, you can save postage as I will bring them on the night for you to collect. I also plan to do a raffle/prize draw, and leave a book for people to post comments specifically on stock you would like to see on the site. It's going to be SO MUCH FUN! I already have several people desperate to come so I can't wait. First night is 13/3, and I am asking everyone to join in a pink (bellaboo!) theme - wear something pink or bring pink stash and do a pink project!

Wow that took longer than I thought to type! Next, March kit! February kit is almost sold out! I am releasing the March kit slightly early as I feel it is a perfect kit to create a Mothers' Day gift, so it will be on sale from 22nd Feb. Here are some sneak peeks!

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Lisa said...

I want to come!!!! Sounds like such fun - bit of a long drive for me though! I will have to look at the calendar and see if there is anything I can do to join in.
Love all the new stuff on the site - so much to chose, so little time!