10 January 2008

A very belated New Year wish!

I am SO sorry I haven't posted sooner! There's no excuse whatsoever, I have just been busy - in a good way!! But anyway, Happy New Year to you all, and thanks for stopping by to look at the blog. I hope you had a good New Year, and Christmas of course. Glad it's all over? I am now! It was fun while it lasted, but all those lie-ins did me no good at all, I felt worse than I normally do in my sleep-deprived state! I suppose the late nights and alcohol didn't help though.....! I continued to work over Christmas and New Year, and in fact celebrated New Year by checking my emails and finding a whole load of orders had come in! The January kit was posted on the 1st of the month, and it seems to be well-received - lots of orders in for it, but it's limited-edition so some people will miss out :( !! Don't forget the December kit, or for that matter, November - you must have developed those christmas photos by now, so get them down and write your journalling before you forget! I have also put together 2 mini-kits with some Figgy Pudding if you're feeling greedy and some Daisy Ds if not!!! My accountant has just arrived to check over my books and according to DH, apparently "educate me"!!!! I'll teach them a thing or two! He'll be pleased with me though, when he sees how much I've been selling! Oh and by the way, one last things, loads more stock just in this week and more coming in this weekend, so check daily! Happy 2008! It's going to be great!

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