15 January 2008

How indulgent (I feel so naughty!)

I feel like such a naughty girl, although I shouldn't really..... I have packed one child off to school, one to pre-school and one to bed. With a pile of washing, ironing, dusting, hoovering and floors to clean (no point when it's raining outside and muddy footprints coming in, right?!), all waiting for me, have I set straight to work?? NO! I have put Phil & Fern on and sat down to scrap! I have never scrapped in the day, I always feel there is loads of other things to do. But I am just so in love with the Love, Elsie Roxie range, and I came downstairs this morning knowing I had unfinished projects waiting on my desk, calling to me! So I have finished 3 LOs, love them, and will post them later! This little bit of indulgence has really boosted me for the day! On another note, I am now seeking new designers to come and do some work on the Bellaboo Monthly Kits. Know anyone? If so, send me their details and I'll get in touch. Alternatively they can contact me. Got to go, it's off to music group with Bella now!

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