16 November 2007

What's new, bellaboo?

Well, not much I'm afraid! Little bits and pieces, but just been mad busy. Isn't motherhood crazy? I have found I have far less time since DS started school in September. You would think I have more wouldn't you? It's mad, but I just find my mind is a jumble of.....PE kits, reading, packed lunches, missing shoes, does he need a hat/gloves/trainers?, OMG he needs a bandage for Children In Need day, and it's 8am already, but hey it's non-uniform day and just as well as I only have one school shoe! Anyway, so I am in the middle of helping organise all sorts of fundraisers for the preschool, and trying to do some christmas shopping in between it all! I am starting to get a little excited about Christmas! Well, I have now done quite a bit of shopping which is a weight off my mind, and we are planning the Christmas fayre, and I've booked to go on the Santa Steam Train, and committed the kids to the Christmas Eve Crib Service, so I'm feeling quite festive!!! But if you think I am being a bit premature, get this - I have now put together January's kit, and February's is pretty much sorted too. This week I added a subscription to the monthly kits, and have had subscribers already! It's not surprising really, as the kits are FAB! January's is really interesting. There is nothing obvious about it, and I have designed it with two specific things in mind.....tell you more later!!! Anyway, must go eat. Has anyone got any tips on surviving a week of school runs? (and before you suggest it, I really don't drink in the mornings......!)

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