10 November 2007

I'm back!!! (but only just..!)

Wow I can't believe it's been two weeks since I last updated the blog?! It's been a mad two weeks for one reason or another....

The first week was crazy with committee meetings, maths workshop at school, pre-school rota, fireworks parties, all sorts!!! The this week (the original) Bella(boo) and I have both been poorly! Some sort of tummy bug kept me on the sofa for the best part of the week watching daytime TV (I fought it as hard as I could, but I was forced to watch This Morning!), and my little angel upstairs has barely eaten for days! As if she's not tiny enough! So I haven't had a minute to update you on what's been happening here. To top it all off, I've had no broadband since tuesday, so it's been hard enough getting my emails using dial-up, let alone trying to do stuff like this!

On the plus side, not eating for a couple of days has helped me slim into a LBD I had my eye on ready for Lisa's big bash in Germany on the 24th November so it's not all bad. Talking of which, I will be away between 23/11 and 25/11 so any orders made after the thursday afternoon won't be dispatched until the monday - so there will be a special offer to compensate for this - watch this space!

But anyway, I am here now...! So what's been happening?? Well, the November Kit, Winter Pinks, came out on the 1st November, to a really good reception! Beckie Dreyer loved it and used it all up instantly! So we have finished the newsletter and will be on the site to view from monday evening (Lisa has to correct a few typos and add a couple of bits in, and will do that when she returns to Germany - she's in the UK at the moment but more of that in a minute!). So, anyway, I've had some orders in and sold a couple of kits and it's been really busy which is fab! The December kit is also finished (think I have told you about this), and Beckie is working on it now! It's an absolute embellishment-fest!!!

I have put together a lovely mini-kit featuring Sassafras Lass papers, which has been sent to Papercraft Essentials and will be featured in their Issue 25 , out early Jan. It's such a versatile mini-kit which has themes of winter, new baby, maybe even easter, running through it. It will be featured on their giveaway pages, so you can try and win one, or even visit Bellaboo and buy one yourself to guarantee you don't miss out! Available in the next day or 2!

So I am now working on January's kit, and I have to say I am really enjoying doing the kits, and think it could be the way forward for Bellaboo. They all seem to be well-received and very popular. So yes, Lisa is here at the moment, so she spent this morning in the "shop", filling up a pizza box with totally unnecessary purchases (but I'm not complaining!), and just alot of "mmmm" noises emanating from her, particularly over in the Figgy Pudding section!

More news - I have started a gift wrapping service for anyone buying stash for someone else. For a small charge I will wrap your purchases in true Bellaboo style and send them direct to the recipient, with your own personal message. It's in the early stages at present, and I am working with my internet guys to make it as smooth and easy as possible to add to the cart, but in the meantime if you want to use the service, just email me first!

Right have to go, here's a pic of Winter Pinks - get over and buy one now!

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Beckie said...

hope your feeling better! What a great idea for pressies!