20 November 2007

We're off to see the Germans!!!

I am posting this now as I am not sure I will get a chance to before Thursday night, but I do have a little announcement to make....actually I had better not, she might not ever forgive me and then I would lose my valuable Kit Assistant!!!! Let's just say, Lisa has an important birthday on Thursday, and we are all off to Germany to celebrate with her - she's having a big partty and I hear cocktails are involved (groan, I just know i'm gonna be hungover...)!!! We are flying out early Friday morning, all 12 of us, from the Birmingham/Bromsgrove/Stafford contingent. There are plenty more flying too, but at different times. But I am sure a little champagne will be consumed on the way, and I know for a fact that there will be a few 14" square, pink wrapped boxes on board in the hand luggage.......! She seriously needs to use up some of her stash before saturday!!! So this week I have been mostly eating.....nothing! I have a fab Little Black Dress which now fits like a dream, and it needs to stay that way!! It's so wonderful over there where Lisa lives (in fact we would like to move there but I don't think it can happen), we are all so excited, and we'll be going to Essen to the Christmas Markets. In fact, I hope to collect some items for my January and Feb kits while I am there. The Germans are not into scrapbooking much (although Lisa did discover a wonderful craft shop which I have visited with her, and maxed out the credit card at! - of course pre-Bellaboo, now there's only one place we shop!!!), but they do sell the most wonderful embellishments so I am hoping to pick up some nice things and make the kits a little more "international"!!! So I will be gone from thursday night until sunday night, although I can check emails etc, and so to compensate for the fact that orders placed friday won't be sent until Monday, and to celebrate Lisa's fort..., woops didn't mean to say that, birthday, I will be offering free postage on all orders Thursday-Monday inclusive!


Lisa said...

Can't wait to see you all - let's just forget this little number of mine - after all, we're amongst friends aren't we???

Anonymous said...

ha ha that's what you think!!!