26 November 2007

The suitcases weren't the only bags I brought home....

.....the bags under my eyes are pretty well packed too.....! Wow, what a weekend! We had such an amazing time in Germany, celebrating with Lisa! I was SO jealous when I saw the mound of 12x12 boxes piled up on her present table - so much wonderful stash!!!! Ok, quite a bit of it was bought from Bellaboo, but I am so disciplined I haven't taken even a piece of paper from the shop, I only get to gaze at it! And then I got home and had some orders waiting for me, so that was great to come back to! Lisa's party was amazing, the food was fab, the cocktails lethal - mind you, so was the karaoke. I woke up with such a stiff neck yesterday and then halfway through the day remembered I had been headbanging to Nirvana, hence the stiff neck! (why do I do these things when I have had a drink or 2?! I think I thought i was 18 or something!!!). The children had such a fab time too, and I was so proud of how well-behaved they were. Cameron was up until 12am at the party! I am off to get my photos developed tomorrow, to use for the December kit leaflet. The Germans do christmas so well, and all the decorations, shop displays and the christmas markets were out in force and looking fantastic! I can't wait to get on with the kit, and I want to do our trip to Germany to demonstrate the versatility of the kit - it doesn't have to be only Christmas photos you use with the kit! Oh and I suppose I may as well show you the kit now, since it will be posted out to scubscribers in the next 3 days!

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