20 September 2007

Store now open!!!

Well, the store opened yesterday - it was a little stressful as I am still waiting a whole load of stock, but I decided what the hell, we'll open and see! So I had my first order at 6am, yes you guessed it, from Germany! But how much fun packing it into my box ready for collection!! And then I received an exciting email - from Scrapbook Inspirations, wanting me to supply them with their kits for Designer Challenge. They wanted the kits within 24 hours, but no problem - they were posted first thing this morning. Included in each kit was a mess-free, non-sticky treat for consumption whilst scrapping - something we plan to do with each order. I said to the Editor that they are my test audience, we'll see how it goes down! And in the meantime, we have adverts coming out this weekend, and then magazine articles in the next month or 2. The site has had well over 2000 hits already so word must be getting round!! This weekend I am going to be busy putting together the first kit leaflet, and preparing for the next couple of magazine features - I am doing another Designer Challenge, a news item about me and how the company started, and I believe there will be a website review coming out soon too! How exciting!!!

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Beckie Dreyer said...

Glad to see you up and running! Looks great!