5 September 2007

In for a penny, in for a pound....

OK, well today I have had a day off. It's Cameron's (DS) last day with all the family before starting his first day at school so we went to the local zoo, and then this evening we have been out on a charity "do" for Babylifeline. It's been lovely, and well-deserved, but I have to say, frustrating. When we got home from the safari park, there were 6 boxes of stash waiting for me from the supplier. So all I wanted to do was get it in, open, and stroke. But I had to feed 3 kids, get on 3 sets of PJs, change one bum, and then of course, get myself ready! But I did manage to to open a teeny tiny little box to find six gorgeous little tins full of dressed chipboard monos from Crate Paper (not sure there will be many of these for sale, I want them all for myself I'm afraid). Then the phone rang, and it was Lisa, all the way from Canada. No time to talk about her holiday, she wanted to know all about my trip to Scrapgenie on monday. Well I explained to her that we had filled, yes - FILLED, Jon's car with stuff to bring home.

Yes, we went a tad beyond our budget for initial stock, but you know, it's all so lovely and when you're there and you can see it and feel it you just gotta have it! So we did! (and it wasn't even me, I was restrained and contained - it was Jon, he was like "buy some more of these Heidi Swapp xxx, what about this, what about that, don't you like the Doodlebug wotsit - just get some, get this get that!)

So on top of a car full of stash, and the 6 or so boxes delivered today, I still have more to come, and I had also spent sunday at another supplier buying mainly metal embellishments. I have uploaded most of the stock onto the web and according to the stats reports, I have 300 or so different lines, and 5,807 individual products (and more than 100 different papers - adding more on every evening)!!!!! So come and shop!!!

Now, Jon (DH) has been promoted. He has a new job. So keen is he on his new role within my (little) empire, he is considering a career change. He is now Vice President of Albums. It's official. And I may even get him some business cards. Within this remit, his responsibilities also include Chief Buyer of Cardstock, and Undressed Chipboard Director. He's taken it all very seriously. So seriously in fact, that I now have many many many albums (albums weren't in my budget until later in the year!). I also have a whole LOAD of naked chipboard, and yes, rather a lot of cardstock. A lot of sparkly and a lot of plain. A lot.

Oh and you'll be pleased to hear I did treat myself to a little something from the warehouse. Well, actually, I've been extravagant. I have bought an AMM Tote-ally Cool Tote (pink of course), and, well I feel a little guilty, but I also bought a craft knife (gasp!)!!!

And finally, today's news is (well, yesterdays, and as a result I barely slept from the excitement - and I am being serious, I am so chuffed!), we have now got a bona fide designer on board to do some work on our first kit. This is great. I am SO unbelievably impressed! So overnight I have been thinking about the first kit leaflet, had a quick chat with Lisa tonight and I think I've got some good ideas to appeal to lots of different people. Watch this space. Night!

PS - One tiny little thing I forgot to mention is that I have now confirmed an opening date - 19th September - my 33rd birthday! If you're local and fancy a glass of pink champagne, post a comment and you can come to my launch party! Make a note of that date - 19/9/07.

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Lisa said...

SOOOOO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!! (all the way from Alaska!)