28 September 2007

I can do this!!!!!

Today has been a good day. About time I had one though, it's been a long time coming! At last the final few pieces for our kit came through today. We had to change the kit slightly as otherwise the October Kit would have ended up being the November kit and it just didn't sit right that way. So they are all assembled, photographed and ready to go. Two have been sent out already - one to, yes you guessed it, Lisa, but the other one - to Beckie Dreyer! A fab designer from the Scrapgenie Design Team and a Rustly Pickle Chef, who just does THE most amazing stuff! So chuffed that Beckie has agreed to do some work for us on this first kit. So the first thing I did when that last bit of stock arrived was package up her kit, throw in a pack of Haribos (we are including a non-sticky, mess-free treat for consumption whilst scrapping with every order - this month it's Haribos, watch this space), and get straight down to the post office! I can't wait to see what she comes up with. Lisa and I will also be doing some work with the kit to put into the newsletter so we need to get on with that.

This week I have also managed to put together mini-kits for Autumn and Halloween, and November's kit is pretty much done (and gorgeous!). Check out the website, October's kit available to buy from 1/10/07! Oh! I almost forgot! I also managed to get out a 4-way Designer Challenge kit for Papercraft Inspirations, the same for Scrapbook Magazine (this one was very "bellaboo"!!, a news feature with £50 giveaway for Scrapbook Magazine, and Papercraft Inspirations are running a web review on me next month!!!!! (Hope it's a good one!)

Off now, will update you soon.

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Lisa said...

well done on getting the kit done and uploaded and I am so excited to see what we all do with it!
It is all so exciting and I can't wait to see your stuff in the mags.