30 August 2007

Our First Kit!!!!!

I have been so busy the past few days, I just haven't had a minute to write a new post on this blog. Not one minute! I have spent all my spare time entering all the new products onto the website. I think there are 200 new lines so far!!! I have found the whole thing SO therapeutic - it's like shopping, but without having the hide the carrier bags in the wardrobe before Jon (DH) finds out! I'm ALLOWED to do this kind of shopping! It's fab! Every single thing I have bought has been entered onto the website though, I have been very tempted to hold a few things back, but I have reigned myself in and not allowed myself even one tiny, weeny (12x12) little piece of paper. How good am I?!

Anyway, Lisa has now gone to Canada, but literally minutes before getting into the taxi destined for the aiport, she whizzed me an email with details of the fantastic October kit she has put together. Now this is very exciting. Inspired by the colours around her - on the ground, in the trees and thoughts of autumn, she has teamed papers from Crate Paper and Cosmo Cricket, together with some Autumn Leaves, some bling (always love a bit of bling!), rub-ons, alphas, and some other bits and pieces. Seriously, it's GORGEOUS! She also suggested a couple of items for add-ons, which I am dying to tell you about, but to be honest, you're just going to have to wait.

So I was up until all hours last night putting the order in for the kit stuff. And this kit is going to be so lovely, that when I woke up this morning, I emailed the supplier again and doubled the order, as I just KNOW it's going to be popular. So watch this space. As soon as I physically have it in my hands, I will post some photos.

So, when Lisa gets back from her hols, her first task, before even unpacking, will be to work on her October kit. We will be putting together a newsletter with sketches, ideas, layouts to copy and more. And so we can do our bit for the environment, ensuring autumn is as beautiful for generations to come, we will be asking all customers to read it from the website, rather than contribute to our Carbon Footprint by having us print it out and sending it out to you. This will also help preserve our bank balances too! The newsletter will be available to all customers, not just kit-buyers, so you can interpret the ideas and inspiration within any range.

So a HUGE thankyou to Lisa for all the effort she has put in. Now get back home and get started on November's kit!!

In the meantime, I am off to see two suppliers this weekend for some more MAJOR (virtual) retail therapy - anyone got anything in particular they'd like to see in the shop? If so, post a comment - you never know I might just buy it just for you!

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