23 August 2007

Deliveries all the time...

Everytime I sit down with a cup of tea, the doorbell rings. And today it's my packaging which has been arriving. I now have a room full of pizza boxes ready to go (for those not "in the know", the scrapbooking world post all their goods in pizza boxes - it's not a pizza delivery company I am setting up!), and thousands of plastic bags ready for protecting all those gorgeous papers and embellishments that hopefully will be bought!

(Just had to dash off then to answer the door AGAIN, but this time it was only my sensible raincoat from Boden arriving, in anticipation of many hours spent standing on the playground in the English weather!)

So I thought I should fill you all in on the plans, and for anyone who isn't sure what this is all about, just give you a little run-down.

The online store should hopefully be live and ready to trade by the end of September. As we come nearer to the date keep checking the blog for updates.

My aim for the store is to provide all the latest and most contemporary lines, all with co-ordinating items, so that customers should be able to get everything they need for one project in one place. We will also be doing monthly and themed kits, starting (hopefully) with a kit for October. Each kit will come with a comprehensive newsletter which will include sketches, ideas, layouts, and step-by-step instructions. The website has an extensive gallery to give newcomers inspiration and ideas. There is also a glossary and page online to get people started.

I am hoping to attract many new people to scrapbooking, and one group of people (among others) whom I think will love it, is new parents! So I plan to put together fantastic kits to get you started recording those many precious moments in the first few months of life.

Until the site is officially open, you can also visit our other blogs to see layouts and other projects completed by Lisa and myself - will post the blog address tomorrow once I have gained permission from some of the people featured!

Keep checking on my progress reports!

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