15 February 2010

Technique mini book

I thought to myself as I havent blogged in a while (surprise surprise!!) that I would show you some of the class that I did last year that I never got round to putting on the blog.  This one was for the Bristol scrappers in November.  I really enjoyed making the book . I learnt alot of new techniques myself - which was great! What do you think?

A close up of my fave page - stamped and inked muslin!

Recently I have been doing a bit of this and a bit of that but went to a life drawing class the other day which has set off something in me ! I spent my time there collaging and playing with drawing mediums - I cant wait to go back.  I did an online class with Dina wakely last year and made a fab book I have started to use this as a life drawing journal - I have decided even the mistakes are good as I now know not to try them again!!
I feel I am changing at the moment and am feeling very experimental with my art supplies. It feels so good!
I am not worried about getting things right but am enjoying the process.

This page isnt finished but am trying out techniques on my drawing - this feels such a positive thing for me at the moment and feel so much happier for it!

Heres a couple of layouts I have done lately too.....
Sorry about the awful photos - the kids have hijacked my batteries for the wii!!!

Do you remember Nigel?
Heres a couple of recent pics of him - he's the most lovely cat! (A little stupid at times ie when he sit in the washing machine!!) But so sweet!

Right I'm off to make lunch for the boys.. Have a good day!


Lisa said...

Great mini-book! Looks very interesting and your artwork is pretty impressive too! Wow!
Love that first layout with the stitching - so sweet! I might have to scraplift that one if you don't mind! Nice to see you blogging again!

Cal said...

Wow!! I love the mini book!! I have a bit of a thing for mini books and just love the style of this one.
I've just caught up to episode 5 on Being Human so will keep an eye out for you when I watch that one tomorrow ;0)

jayne said...

glad you are happy with what you are doin at the moment i see changes in your work too :)

OMG Nigel is so fluffy !