10 March 2009

Reason #127 "Why Not To Have kids" (if you're a scrapper!)

Ok so they do provide countless photo opportunities, and let's face it, without them i'd be stuck for subjects to scrap, but this is my Reason #127....

"Whilst in the shower in the morning it's best not to leave your extra strength DST by the brand new papers you just received, if there is no lock on the door to your scrap room.
Or 2 year old horror will unravel all DST and press firmly down onto said brand new papers.


But all is forgiven since she is just so cute :)

Here is a LO I finished last night and another I started last night and finished this morning :)


Sarah Youde said...

Oh No!! Mind you cuteness DOES allow them to get away with these things :)

Lisa said...

ok, I admit it - I'm a dork. What is DST? Have been going through all known acronyms in my head and it is German blank!!!
Ps. love the layouts - so gorgeous!