17 March 2009

For Your Eyes ONLY (Moxley Massive)!!!

Ok here is a really sneaky peek of your Limited Edition Kit which I think we will call "Bloomin' Marvellous!!! Yes, the clue is in the name, say what you see say what you see!!!

I don't have all the components yet, so I will do another sneak when the rest has been delivered.

Let me tell you ladies, the pressure of this is killing me! I hope you all like it.

The kit is limited to 24 so please tell Dawn if you will want one. I haven't priced it up yet, but will be around £15, and no more than £17. If 50 of you want one I will order another batch :)

The kit will have in (subject to change if the remaining items aren't delivered lol!!):
  • 4 x double sided papers
  • 4 x Bazzill
  • 1 x Die-cut accessory sheet (another clue)
  • Selection of ribbons
  • Chipboard embellishments
  • Glitter Alphabet Stickers
  • More embellishments
  • An alterable item
  • Maybe some buttons if the budget allows!

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