30 January 2009

Not trying to make you jealous - honest!

I thought I'd share some photos of my little haven, my new "room". I'd like to call it my scrap-room but to be honest I haven't had time to do any scrapping in it! I've made a card and done some stamping, but mostly just sat and looked at my buttons. Which of course are all lined up colour-cordinated and looking pretty. And so are my ribbons! I have baskets for everything (nearly), a table for my Cricut, and all my own little bits and pieces here. I even have a nice view out onto my blossom trees - I can't wait for spring!

Lisa is over to visit soon, and I can't wait to clear a little space for her, so we can sit, stroke, drink wine and maybe, just maybe, scrap.
It really is a special place for me, with my special pictures and mementoes, I have big plans for this room (including painting the other half!), and I feel happier in here, it feels like the start of something special!


Trees said...

A really lovely space Liberty, hope you get lots of opportunities to use it!

Lisa said...

looks so warm and cosy. Makes me want to really sort out mine again and tidy it up - It gets into such a mess when i am "creating"!!!
cant wait to see it and grab a little corner for me! and my glass.
See you SO soon...

Cleo said...

Ammmmmm soooooooooooo jealous fab space , I wanna room for mine.....hmmmmmmmmmmm lol