9 May 2008


Well, the past week has been so crazy! First of all, we had the NSD Crop on Saturday. Our celebrity guest arrived safely, and helped me set up the hall ready! It was a beautiful day, but still all my lovely ladies turned up and got stuck into the challenges! Rachael cleaned up really, winning the main raffle prize, and then a little prize for taking part in the challenge. Lisa got the most challenge points but she wasn't allowed to win so Sue won that prize - well done Sue and thanks for taking part! I was extremely touched to see one of my old school friends (no I don't mean she's old, but I have known her for more than 20 years!), with her other half! It was so sweet of her as not only do they not scrapbook, but they had come up from London to collect her new engagement ring, and on such a lovely day they could have been doing a million other things. Anyway, they got stuck in and made a double page LO documenting their recent trip to Paris, where Clara got down on one knee at the top of the Eiffel Tower! It was lovely to see them. I have to say, the amount of support from unlikely people has been amazing. I couldn't do this without Lisa's help, and even Jon (who is worse than useless at home, yet I couldn't do the crop without him!). I was very touched this week to see Rachael who had a stinking cold, come twice in one week to my crop, and also Deb whose poor husband drives her a long way. Lu, another school friend and her MIL, Sue - who made the effort to come to both crops. And of course Lu who you can always rely on to show support, and as I said, Clara and Steve - thankyou!!! Anyway, I have rambled a bit. Photos will come later. Oh yes! and quote of the day comes from Deb's husband, on the subject of scrapbooking. (I don't know if it was the way she told it, but this has tickled me every day since!). "I don't understand why you want to do it, love, but if it makes you happy....." !!!!! So then onto last night's crop.... Fab little page kit, with Deb winning a little prize - Sue won the main raffle. A big hello to our new scrapper, Marsha, who spends far too much time planning a LO, by the end of the night I was saying "Marsha, just glue SOMETHING!!!" But she finished the evening with a beautiful LO ready for framing for her best friend's daughter. We all had white wine spritzers with biscuits (!). Next month, June 19th, I am doing Pimms and cheese & biccies. This is the most civilised crop ever!!!!

Finally, lots of new stock in/coming in.... see the site for details!!!

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Lisa said...

Hi! The crop on Saturday was lovely! I enjoyed every minute of it. So nice to meet all you scrappers and it was great fun to scrap with company for a change.

I had SUCH a laugh.

And Liberty, it's totally my pleasure to help out - you do such a good job, I am sure all your customers will agree. Maybe I will be able to make another crop later in the year - in the meantime, keep up the good work.