10 May 2008

All things shiny

I went to the local shops yesterday, and as I had Amber, my sister, with me, I was able to pop into a shop that I have walked past a hundred times, desperate to go in, but one of "those" shops that you just can't go into with a child like Maddie. For those of you who don't know "mad" Maddie, we call her the Human Pinball/Car Crash. So, picture the lovely tiny shop fully of pretty, breakable things, and you can probably imagine why it's taken me six months to get in there. Anyway, I treated myself to a Momji doll. I have wanted to start collecting these for months and months, so I bought my first yesterday. It's Cherries, which says I collect buttons and like Elton John. Both of which I do, so I was chuffed to bits with it. I also bought Cam some goofy eyes, which have caused hysterics this morning. If you're local to Bromsgrove you must pop into Shiny on the High Street. It's a fab little shop with all sorts of beautiful pretty things, lovely wooden childrens toys and all sorts of interesting and unusual nick-nacks.

On a more relevant note, Sarah has been busy doing some lovely projects with the Crate Paper Taylor collection for me. I have both Taylor and Samantha on special offer at the moment, and will be putting together a mini-kit using Taylor - perfect for Fathers Day projects. So watch this space.

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