31 January 2008

Poor, poor little old me....

I'm not holding out much hope, but I'm going to have a shot at some sympathy here.... Let me explain. OK, many of you out there might think that mine is a dream job. Sure, I sit here in my "shop", surrounded (and I MEAN surrounded) by wonderful goodies from (as I glance around me) Cosmo Cricket, Basic Grey, Doodlebug, Crate Paper, Rusty Pickle et al. Yes, I do get free monthly kits from THE most fabulous scrapbooking store ever. I also get the occasional free copy of Scrapbook Magazine and Scrapbook Inspirations. Other perks include legitimately being able to sit there reading many other blogs written by scrapbookers, when there is a stack of ironing to be done. So I could see where you were coming from if you said you were a little envious. BUT, let me tell you, it ain't all good. First of all, there is all this stash just calling out to me, tempting me to do more than just gaze. And I'm running a business here - I just can't help myself whenever I feel like it (and I really don't - all I've had since September is a tote and some Periphery papers!!!!). And not only that, but I no longer have any time to scrap!!! Now my dad warned me about this, "are you sure you'll have time for your hobby once you start this business??!". Well I have already learned in my 20s that my mum is usually right, and now my dad has to step in too! And then tonight, to finish me off, I decided to have a good clear-out. My "shop" is now beautifully tidy, clean as a whistle and just asking to be scrapped in! Whilst tidying though, and this is the "finish-me-off" part, I uncovered a shed-load of my own personal stash that I had forgotten I had!!! It's been so long I had forgotten its existence! :( So I found a whole LOAD of Amy Butler, K & Co Bailey/Hannah/McKenna, some Cherry Arte, some Jenni Bowlin, Hambly, Crafters Workshop, stacks of Bazzill and mounds and mounds of other bits and pieces! So with a tear in my eye, I thought "*^&^%%&* - I'm having that Doodlebug Album I've had my eye on since 4th September 07!" And here it is, and if nothing else I deserve some admiration for having kept my hands of it all this time!

I am now off to fill it with the pile of LOs which have been sat in a pile on my desk for weeks! And actually, I may fill it, so may have to get another one, oh dear!
PS (plug) I have several of these for sale on the site, and also in 8x8 (this one is 12x12) and some teeny tiny little ones too! Get them before I do!!

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