30 January 2008

I wish my husband was better with a camera...!

And if you've seen issue 28 of Scrapbook Magazine you may know what I mean! Check out pages 34-35, and that luuuurrrvvely (?) photo of me!!!! Oh well, it's not the worst one ever (that's been destroyed, well and truly destroyed,) but still..... And over on page 9 a little bit more advertising for Bellaboo - a small write-up of our kits. The kit featured there is Dream Appeal, and Jon's job for tonight is to make some more up - quick! Have almost sold out today already!

So what else is new??? Well, the Feb kit goes out to Subscribers tonight and I'm very excited about that.... And, I just saw the cutest thing today, SO bellaboo! (It's probably old news and you've all got one, but I don't get out much...), check out this Pritt Stick!!!! I know I need to get a life, but I always go crazy for PINK!

Of course I'll be using that later, and it's on my shopping list for my crop supplies. Have been planning the first Bellaboo crop today and have put together a list of essentials I need to get, and let me tell you, it's pink all the way!

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