11 October 2007

Bellaboo's NBF!!!

Alright, we can't really claim to be Beckie Dreyers New Best Friend, but she has started work on our Autum Breeze kit and it looks FAB! You can get a sneak peek here, but you will be able to see the finished article(s) soon here, in our first newsletter. Lisa is working hard on it as I type, so it should be ready in a day or 2. At which time I expect you to purchase a kit and get working on your own autumn photos! At the last minute one of the items was changed to a Heidi Swapp Clock Face. I love how this has turned out as part of the kit, as Lisa, Beckie and I have all interpreted the concept of "clock" or "time" so differently. I initially chose the clock face because I was thinking about how we put the clocks forward in autumn, how it starts to get dark earlier and for longer in the mornings, and really how "time" changes during the autumn months. But the interpretation between the 3 of us is really varied and we have come up with some lovely layouts to share with you soon.

Also, read Beckie's Blog - she seems to have enjoyed working with the kit and has agreed to do November's for us too, which I will post to her in the next day or 2. Beckie has an amazing style which I personally really aspire to. She has a real mix of clean lines and some messy shabby in there too, which I just love. She is not afraid of blank space on her LOs - something which I am afraid of (if in doubt, throw some more on, is my motto - but not a good one I fear!!!) but her results are just so stylish.

Anyway, I have been out tonight - a rare occasion (actually, you know I always say that and then realise how often I say it which means I must actually go out quite alot!!!). It was the AGM of our Pre-School Committee. I have been involved since around April BB (Before Bellaboo), and had planned to stand down tonight, due to the fact that I now have 3 children, a business, and a husband (in that order) to look after. But get this - I am now Vice Chair!!!!???!!!! I am not at all sure how I managed to get conned into that, but as long as the Committee Meetings involve cake or wine (depending on the time of day!) then I guess I will be happy. First thing on my agenda for the next meeting....? A Bellaboo stall at the Christmas Fair!!!! Plus to organise a crop to get some of my school buddies hooked on scrapping! If you know anyone who would be interested in attending a crop (North Worcestershire), please let me know!

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