27 April 2008

Too sunny to scrap!

Well, I have been enjoying a well-deserved couple of "days off". I have been so busy this month, and there is a little lull before I know it's going to go crazy again later in the week, with the release of the May kit and then the 2 crops coming up. Anyway, so I have been chilling out a bit, and yesterday was just so beautiful and warm, we spent the whole day in the garden - right up until about 8-9pm, drinking beer/wine, kids playing, fire in the fire bowl. The children were filthy at the end of the day but they had such a great time. And so did we! Good friends and happy children - it doesn't get much better these days!!!

So anyway, i don't have any new projects to post just now, but tomorrow I am going to start preparing for the crop and dig out some photos of me (horror!). Must also warn you, I have had many people emailing me about the May kit, I just know its going to be a quick sell-out. From July I will be doubling the number of kits available, and I will be putting some thought into making them available for pre-order for non-subscribers too. Right I'm off to bed for my last early night of the week! :)

ps, if you want to see some more sneak peeks of the May kit, look here!

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