18 March 2009

Big News!

Well, you may have heard some big news in the last 24 hours. If not here it is: well, you have already heard how I decided to close Bellaboo for many different reasons. Well, i got chatting to a friend and contact I have met through scrapping, Cleo Jarvis. Cleo already makes up the most wonderful kits, and sells them through her blog. I knew she was looking to expand her business, and when we got chatting, to cut a long story short, we agreed that she would take over the ownership and running of Bellaboo! This is fantastic news for both Cleo and I, and I think it's just the best end to my journey, and a fabulous start to hers.

Cleo is currently being published frequently in the UK scrapping mags, and is well known in the community for her great style, and ability to put products together and come up with something fab. It's this that makes her the perfect person to take over Bellaboo. Not only will she come up with great kits for you, but she will stock the lovely stash you have come to expect at Bellaboo. Having heard what she's been buying ready for the re-opening, I know I'll be putting a big order in!

So, this changeover will all take place at the end of March, and so from then onwards I will be using a different blog. I have been careful to keep this blog strictly business, which Cleo will continue, but if any you want to keep up with me news, projects, crops etc, then you will find me here:


This is an old blog and I haven't posted for a long time, so will work on it over the next few days!!!


Sarah said...

So glad it's all working out for you. Look forward to seeing you on your new blog. x

Trees said...

What wonderful news Liberty! So glad everything is working itself out so positively.

Lisa said...

Welcome Cleo!

I can't wait to see what she has in store for us!

Cleo said...

Thank you Lib :)
I am so looking froward to running Bellaboo!! and I am already being surrounded by YUMMY stash!!

Janey said...

Yay! Will you be an online shop cleo? Can't wait to see all the yummy-ness!