2 June 2008

I can see clearly now...!

And that's not just a play on words. The last few days has been SOOOOOOO busy here at Bellaboo HQ that I didn't know where I was! The June kit has been selling fast, and orders coming thick and fast. I had to go to the Post Office today with my boot literally full - there were so many pizza boxes I had to leave them all to process during the day and then come back later to pay! Not that I'm complaining, because this is exactly how I want it to be. My customers must love the site as so many just come back for more and more (I could mention names, but just in case there are any husbands reading I won't...!). For any of you out there, I must say a huge thankyou for all your support, and for all the Kit Subscribers, thankyou for having faith in Bellaboo and knowing that we'll deliver a fab box of stash every month.

Emotional bit over now....did you see Sarah Youde's article in Scrapbook Magazine this month? She is on the DT for Scrapping Clearly - an Australian company who sell the most divine acrylic albums. As Sarah also designs for Bellaboo, she introduced us and we have been stocking their products for a while now. I have seen some other albums, and hand-on-heart, these are a cut-above. They have really thick pages that make the album feel so sturdy and substantial. I would recommend them to anyone. Anyway, Sarah has done a few lovely acrylic albums, and inspired me to have (another) go. My first attempt is the heart-shaped one below, an album documenting Maddie at 3 years 11 months. I found it hard as I am not a planner, and you do need to think and plan before attempting it.

But my second album below is a gift for my MIL whose birthday it is next week (no danger of her looking on the blog so it's safe to show!). I am so pleased with this one, although I am contemplating throwing more stuff on it (is less more, I'm not sure?!), so it may not be 100% finished yet.

You can find these stunning albums for sale here.


Sarah Youde said...

Well I can vouch for them being the best quality acrylic albums out there they are utterly amazing!!!

I love what you have done with yours, they look gorgeouuuus.

Lisa said...

Wow, Love, love, love that new album of yours (she will totally adore it) and you know that i loved that first one too when I got a look at it. I feel all inspired now to use mine up - but which topic to chose? so much to scrap, so little time... watch this space!

Paula said...

Gorgeous albums, I especialy love the way you have decorated the scalloped one.