17 April 2008

Sneaky Peek! And some exciting news!!!

I have been quite busy organing things this week. First of all, the June kit has now been finalised (no, you're not getting a sneak of that), and actually delivered today which I am VERY excited about. Also, I've been putting some thought into the National Scrapbooking Day Crop, which is, in case you didn't know, Saturday 3rd May, 12-5, Fairfield Village Hall, Bromsgrove. I have now sorted out a crop kit (and yes this is the sneaky peek you get!). It is, of course, based around pink and black, and obviously (!) there's some bling in there too (lots actually!). Some of my ladies complain that they don't get to do much pink scrapping, maybe because they only have sons, etc, so I have decided that the challenge, if you wish to take it, is to use the kit with the them of "you", (or "me" whichever way you look at it!). i.e a project about yourself. Now for me this requires quite a bit of planning as I have no photos of me and the ones I do have I hate. So this is why I wanted to let you know now, to give you some time to prepare. I'm not going to show you the complete kit yet, but here is a little taster. It will be priced £6.50 which gives you a big saving, and of course it's totally optional (if you can take your hands off it that is!).

Oh and my exciting news!! Well we have a special guest coming to the crop, she has bought her ticket, but has had to pay an awful lot more than you lot to get here....! Yes, my sister, who I am forever talking about and referring to, is coming all the way from Germany! I am so pleased, not just because she will actually be here, but also so that you all believe she actually exists - I am always saying "Lisa's got this, lisa's done that. Lisa says this...."! Now you'll get to meet her! So I thought I would also put into the challenge for the day extra points for an "international flavour"!

Anyway, more details to follow on the challenges and crop etc, watch this space!

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Lisa said...

aww, shucks, you say the nicest things! I can't wait to be able to join in the fun and meet everyone. It gets a bit lonely, out here in Germany scrapping all alone, so I am SO looking forward to my scrapping weekend!