20 March 2008

No Boys Allowed!!!!

Could the blog BE any more pink and girly???!!! Thanks to Sarah Youde, who has jazzed it up and made it look oh-so-pretty! She is the Blog Queen in my opinion!! I am starting to worry that I am getting a bit obsessed with pink and prettiness though. We are in the process of putting in a new bathroom, and my daughter and I chose pink soap, towels, picture, mat, and then crystal-y beakers etc. She has hung on the door handle a fluffy heart that says "No Boys Allowed!" (on the back it says "tantrum in progress" which I guess I could always use at some point!). So I might make a new rule, you are only allowed to read my blog if you love pink pretty things!!!


Lisa said...

oh gorgeous of all gorgeousness. I love all that pinkification and those swirls? Divine. So lovely. I'm totally pink with jealousy!!! Well done Sarah!

Sarah said...

I am so glad you like your new blog :)