14 March 2008


I am SO exhausted today! I hardly had ANY sleep last night, because I was on SUCH a HIGH after coming home from the (in case you hadn't heard) FIRST BELLABOO CROP!!!!

Wow, what a success! I had the best evening ever! What a fantastic bunch of girls!!!

OK, let me start at the beginning. First, big thanks to Jon and mum for helping me make the village hall look so.....well....Bellaboo!! Pink and black mats, bagaboos everywhere, loads of stash and kits, lots of drinks etc, it all looked fab.

Then, my first lady, Deb, turned up - wearing pink!!!! I was so chuffed and I felt terrible as when I put to wear something pink, I had forgotten I don't have anything pink anymore! (I will go and buy something and wear it next month I promise!) Although I had got pink knickers on....too much info???!!! Then Rach (wearing pink)...then my oldest school friend Lu with her MIL and a friend, to show some support. And then 3 lovely ladies from Worcester!

We had such a giggle - mainly at Jon. But to be fair, I couldn't have done it without him. He was fab, making drinks, sorting stock and orders, taking photos etc. He announced the result of the raffle (well done Debbie - I think!) and we kept him busy throughout the evening.

I am SO pleased how well it went. For a first time I thought it was great, and I have lots more ladies committed to next month - 10th April. We will do a demo then too, which you can opt in or out of. Next month I will focus on Acrylic and Chipboard, bringing more stock such as cardstock and basics, and again, if you want anything brought just email me beforehand.

I am so grateful to everyone for making the effort to come, so thankyou all! I feel a bit emotional!!!


Lisa said...

oh, it looks like I missed out on such a good night - and I have a wardrobe of pink stuff!!! I am SO jealous! congrats on what looks like a great evening.

Jackie said...

It was fab Liberty, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I was on a high last night as Id had such a good time.

Counting the days until the next one.

Well done for making it such a success.

Jak x